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EcoFlo® for festive packaging? Local businesses weigh in

After a challenging year and a half for the high street, it’s more important than ever to support local businesses. We are thrilled to be shopping local this festive season, especially with so many fantastic Welsh businesses around.

We asked two local businesses in South Wales a few questions about their packaging choices leading up to the festive season. Shop Wales packs their orders with the classic White EcoFlo®, while Mallows Beauty has opted for the coloured Pink EcoFlo® to match their brand.

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Shop Wales introduction

What are your customers looking for in product packaging?


Steve Afia, Director of Shop Wales:

“First and foremost, customers want their items to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Following closely behind are requests to avoid plastic, excess packaging and non-recyclable packaging.

It’s a fine balance between offering the right level of protection and using minimal packaging. EcoFlo along with the correct sized box works perfectly for us and the feedback from our customers backs this up.”

Intro to Mallows Beauty

Why EcoFlo?


Aly Jeanes, Marketing at Mallows Beauty:

“Being sustainable in this day and age is very important, especially if you’re a growing business, sending out hundreds of orders a week. So it’s crucial to be conscious of the waste that is produced with each order.

EcoFlo is the perfect solution as it keep the contents of the parcels safe from damage, whilst simultaneously matching the pink aesthetic of the brand and finally being completely biodegradable. This makes all of our order packaging completely recyclable!”

Mallows Beauty