How a homeware retailer delighted customers with a switch to biodegradable packaging

biodegradable packaging

How a homeware retailer delighted customers with a switch to biodegradable packaging

In an effort to increase sustainability and better match consumer preferences, Harts of Stur decided to move away from non-recyclable packaging. Looking for an eco-friendly and versatile void fill solution with advanced protective qualities, EcoFlo® biodegradable packing peanuts proved perfect for their business.

The change in packaging gave a significant boost to the homeware retailer’s environmental performance. As a result, Harts of Stur received an overjoyed response from their customers, along with gaining industry recognition as a sustainable business.

The client


Harts of Stur is a kitchen appliance and homeware retailer based in the UK. The business sends out thousands of parcels each week across the UK and beyond.

“The reaction to our eco-friendly packaging has been nothing short of overwhelming. Customers are so pleased that we use an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene!”

- Harts of Stur

Key results

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Environmental performance

A dramatic reduction in the amount of nonrecyclable packaging used.

Winning the hearts of clients

A continuous stream of positive feedback in the shape of reviews and social media posts from customers.

Industry recognition

A win at the Good Retail Awards to mark the sustainability success of the business.

“We required a high quality loose fill that would protect the many varied shapes and sizes of products dispatched. It also had to be environmentally friendly. EcoFlo® ticked all the boxes.”

The challenge: a sore need for environmental improvement


Like many companies, Harts of Stur previously used a combination of polystyrene packing peanuts and paper for protective packaging. While the packaging did its job, it undermined the company’s environmental performance.

Furthermore, the company identified a shift in customer preferences, favouring environmental alternatives over non-sustainable packaging. Changing to environmentally friendly packaging became essential to maintaining and growing their customer base.

The solution: choosing EcoFlo® biodegradable loose fill


As a large percentage of the company’s business is mail order despatches, Harts of Stur were keen to reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging they use. “Looking at our requirements, EcoFlo® ticked all the boxes,” said the client.

EcoFlo®’s shape and size, plus the fact that it’s non-static, makes it suitable for shipping a wide range of products, from delicate glassware to heavy electrical kitchen appliances. “EcoFlo® offers the perfect solution to our packaging needs, providing maximum protection for our products,” concluded the client.

Products in a box
Loose fill being poured
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The results: how the change in packaging lead to a wave of praise and recognition


After changing their protective packaging from polystyrene and paper to EcoFlo® biodegradable packing peanuts, Harts of Stur saw a significant improvement to their environmental performance.


In a nutshell, Harts of Stur:

“Dramatically reduced” the amount of nonrecyclable packaging used in their warehouse;

Received an “almost overwhelming” amount of positive feedback (reviews, social media posts) from customers pleased with the packaging;

Secured a win at the 2021 Good Retail Awards, celebrating the success of switching to sustainable packaging and lowering the carbon footprint of their business.