Recyclable air pillows

How to recycle air cushion packaging

How to recycle Greenlight air pillows


Both Greenlight Bio* and Re/C air cushions can be recycled at carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, The Co-op and Waitrose.

Alternatively, these items can also be recycled by councils through kerbside collection. Guidance on kerbside recycling varies by local area.

To find the specific guidance for your postcode, please check:


* Greenlight Bio is a plastic film which utilises a TDPA™ additive to make it biodegrade under suitable conditions. Since the film is not plant-based, it can be recycled within the conventional plastics stream prior to the onset of degradation.

Air cushions in a box
Hand holding a void fill air cushion

How does Greenlight Bio biodegrade?


The molecular structure of Opus Bio starts to break down in the presence of moisture, sun and mechanical action, which results in the film becoming ‘ultrahydroscopic’.

Water molecules attach themselves to the film which begins the degradation process. As the film breaks down, it turns into very low molecular weight dust and once it reaches this state, it is then consumed by microorganisms in the soil.

The microorganisms then convert the residue to biomass and water and this completes the recycling process.

Prior to the onset of degradation, Greenlight Bio can be recycled with plastics (see above).