How to recycle packing peanuts

What to do with EcoFlo


Made from corn starch, EcoFlo loose fill is 100% biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN 13432, the international standard for biodegradability.

After the packing peanuts have served their purpose protecting products in packages, EcoFlo can be either reused or recycled back into nature. The packing peanuts can be:

  • Simply washed away with water;
  • Placed in home compost;
  • Sent to an industrial compost facility.


Does the same apply to colours?


EcoFlo Colours get their brilliant hue from food-grade colourings. That makes them suitable for composting or washing away, just like classic white EcoFlo loose fill.

What about EcoFlo Ultra Fill?


EcoFlo Ultra Fill is extra resilient to shock and impact, but it is still just as compostable as our other ranges of EcoFlo loose fill.

EcoFlo Ultra Fill
EcoFlo Ultra Fill