How a snacks producer improved packing efficiency to meet rapid growth

packing efficiency to meet rapid growth

How a snacks producer improved packing efficiency to meet rapid growth

The client


Snaffling Pig is a rapidly growing pork snacks producer in the UK. They supply pubs and supermarkets all across the country, as well as sell direct-to-consumer online.

“Greenlight’s air cushion system has saved us a great deal of time, space and materials. The hassle-free packaging keeps our customers happy, too.”

- Nick Coleman, CEO of Snaffling Pig


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The challenge

Packing fragile goods at break-neck speed


To safely ship pork snacks to customers all over the UK, Snaffling Pig needed a packing solution that would:

  • Guarantee no damage in transit;
  • Reduce the weight and cost of
  • Speed up the packing process;
  • Reduce warehouse storage of
    packing materials.

Opus™ air cushions proved perfect for the business – shock-resistant, lightweight and quick to use on-demand.

During 2020-2021, Snaffling Pig grew from a small business to a £6 million company.

With order volumes suddenly going through the roof, the company needed to urgently increase their packing efficiency.

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The solution

A tailored packing system

After an assessment from Greenlight’s packaging experts, an upgraded hopper system was installed on-site to speed up packing.

The new system could supply several packaging stations simultaneously, increasing productivity.

“Our weekly shipments had trebled. Greenlight’s system not only managed to keep up, but also improved the packing efficiency of our team,” commented Nick.

The results

Products packed, time saved, cost reduced

Greenlight’s integrated air cushion system has been able to:

  • Keep the fragile snack packets and glass jars completely safe during shipping;
  • Support the team in efficiently dealing with skyrocketing order quantities;
  • Save on material use and time, lowering costs;
  • Add value to the customers’ unboxing experience with easily disposable, eco-friendly air cushions.
Snaffling Pig's product in a box
Snaffling Pig snacks packed with air pillows