VALENTINE’S SPECIAL – 420L – Pink Opus Bio – Pre-Inflated Air Cushions (200x200mm)

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• Only while stocks last – Valentine’s special pink air pillows!
• Eco-friendly biodegradable air cushions – certified to biodegrade in 12-24 months.
• Lightweight cushions to protect fragileons.
• Low void fill cost per cubic metre.
• Especially suitable for larger items and larger boxes.

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Opus Bio air filled pillows protect goods in transit against damage caused by impact, shock or vibration. Opus cushions are suitable for a range of protective packaging applications, from void fill to protective wrapping.

Greenlight’s air cushions are manufactured from a unique film blend, providing high impact and puncture resistance. To ensure packing efficiency, the pillows are supplied on a strip with easy-tear perforations between each cushion.

Made from biodegradable film, Opus Bio air pillows are an eco-friendly packaging material. Under suitable conditions, the air cushions are certified to completely biodegrade in 12-24 months.

After use, either reuse the air cushions, or deflate and recycle according to your local council guidelines.