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We use natural food colouring!


Add some colour to your customer’s unboxing experience. Or, enhance your company’s branding with value-added packaging. Our EcoFlo® is coloured using food grade colours to give a 100% compostable and visually stunning alternative to white packing peanuts.

Available in sky blue, apple green, steel grey, rose pink and sunshine yellow.

Call us to discuss a particular colour idea and colour mix.

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EcoFlo® Loose FillPolystyrene Loose Fill
Made From Plastics?
Compostable (EN13432)?
Annually Sustainable Raw Materials?
Fossil Fuel Based Raw Materials?
Energy-Efficient Manufacturing?

“The results of the tests to compare the performance of biodegradable loosefill from Green Light Products and EPS loosefill products show that, under the conditions applied, a product packaged in the biodegradable loosefill remains undamaged, without having shifted during dropping or excessive vibrating. This material was the only material to give a satisfactory and consistent result.” – University of Humberside

“EcoFlo® performed most favourably in the packaging of light and delicate goods when compared with other loosefills, in terms of displaying no signs of product migration or breakage during drop tests and transport tests.” –  Brunel University

Ice Blue - Eco Flo - small
Pile of Yellow Loose Fill
Steel Grey Eco Flo
Rose Pink Eco Flo

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