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Film Range

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Film Range

Our Custom Air Cushion Film Blends

Opus™ Air is the only air cushion packaging system designed to operate specifically with biodegradable and recycled films. All cushion sizes are available in both Greenlight Bio and Greenlight Re/C.  

Greenlight Re/C

Greenlight Re/C contains a minimum of 50% recycled content in the blend. Using the highest quality recycled material, Re/C uses the highest recycled content available to give a strong, cost-effective and “single-use plastic” busting pillow film.

Greenlight Bio

Greenlight Bio is a biodegradable alternative to conventional plastics. It is a controlled life product that is certified to biodegrade in 12-24 months. Although not compostable, Greenlight Bio is ultimately converted from plastic into biomass and water, leaving no residue.

Classic Film Configurations

Air Cushion SizeRoll Length
200 mm x 100 mm / 8″ x 4″500 m / 1640 ft
200 mm x 200 mm / 8″ x 8″500 m / 1640 ft
200 mm x 250 mm / 8″ x 10″500 m / 1640 ft
400 mm x 50 mm / 16″ x 2″325 m / 1066 ft
400 mm x 120 mm / 16″ x 4.75″325 m / 1066 ft
400 mm x 160 mm / 16″ x 6.3″325 m / 1066 ft
Quilted Film

Quilted Film Configurations

Air Cushion NameAir Cushion Size
Quilt400 mm x 260 mm / 16″ x 10″

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